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Jeff Dunham - Arguing with Myself [7 of 7]

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Durée : 9 min 55
En ligne le : 19/11/07 22:14

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Joaquin Bordado Ending Credit

Starring ROBIN PADILLA as Joaquin Apacible & IZA CALZADO as Sofia With EDDIE GARCIA as General Russo MARK HERRAS as Jason Apacible & IWA MOTO as Dianne With The Special Participation of IAN VENERACION as Jerome Apacible ROMMEL PADILLA as Hugo & JOHN REGALA as Cefiro Also Starring RYZA CENON as Cecille PEN MEDINA as Jilco ARIEL VILLASANTA as Jerry MAVERICK RELOVA as Tom MON CONFIADO as Gomez GENE PADILLA as Franco & RALPH PADILLA as Mico Intruducing KYLIE PADILLA as Erenea Together With REZ CORTEZ as Chief Mendoza ELLA V. as Alcera JUN HIDALGO as Joaquin's Friend JULY HIDALGO as Gen. Russo's Hetchmen AANA LEAH JAVIER JENNY MILLER as Elixera ANTONIO AQUINTANIA as Kevin & RENZ VALERIO as JImboy Directed by Mac Alejandre & Argel Joseph Theme Song: WAG KANG MATAKOT Sung by: Shamrock Gabi-Gabi Pagkatapos ng 24 Oras Sa GMA Telebabad [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 06
En ligne le : 16/02/08 08:32

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Free Hugs Sofia 09.01.2010

FREE HUGS Sofia 09.01.2010. All credit for the music should go to The Raveonettes (2005 - Pretty in Black - Label At that time - Columbie Records) Ode to LA Come on let's go to where it's fun I want a slice of LA sun Whoa ho ho ho Honey let's go (Feels like you never have to) Honey let's go (Come down you don't really want to) Honey let's go (Stay out is all you need to) Honey let's go (Go to sleep you don't really want to) So come along and pay the price This ain't New York this tasty slice Whoa ho ho ho Take a minute listen to this town Don't you ever feel you have to come Take a minute she won't let you down See you excited in her arms LA and all her crazy charms Whoa ho ho oh [ voir sur ]

Durée : 3 min 22
En ligne le : 10/01/10 15:47

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cast intros: tea (sofia black-d'elia) {us skins}

actress sofia black-d'elia tells us a bit about herself and her character tea, who appears in generation one of the us version of the e4 hit show skins. credit to anotherheart @ yt for the video, uploaded with permission. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 11
En ligne le : 29/10/10 01:16

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parkour spots in sofia.wmv

these r some of the best spots i know (no negative comments or they will be deleted) o and i take no credit for the music the credit goes to whoever i has to and the credit for the video goes to me :) [ voir sur ]

Durée : 3 min 49
En ligne le : 02/09/10 20:19

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CSI Sara & Sofia

this video is not mine and i do not take the credit of this vid. i found it at a site called Passion & Perfection [ voir sur ]

Durée : 4 min 17
En ligne le : 06/08/07 08:40

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Spanish Extra Credit Project!!!!

I HAD SUCH A BLAST MAKING THIS VIDEO!!!! Bahahahaa(: I hope you like! It is supperrr hilarious, Marta and I were being our dorky selves :) And also thanks to our amazing camera person, SOFIA ♥ [ voir sur ]

Durée : 8 min 22
En ligne le : 19/11/10 23:31

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CSI - Brass/Sofia - I'm sorry

A video about brass and sofias hard times. mostly from a bullet runs through it part 1 and 2. clips from and all credit goes to cast and crew of CSI [ voir sur ]

Durée : 3 min 38
En ligne le : 02/08/07 10:57

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Credit Cards by Sughra SImtiaz

A report on Credit Cards in Pakistan now by Sughra Imtiaz Student RIT Batch 2 Lahore [ voir sur ]

Durée : 2 min 04
En ligne le : 03/08/09 13:14

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Artery - Me & You - Live in Sofia 2008

Artery @ Credit To The Nation LIVE 6, Sofia, Party Center 4KM, 18 May 2008 [ voir sur ]

Durée : 3 min 20
En ligne le : 10/07/08 10:56

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