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NOVA defending Talus Base (Farstar) [ voir sur ]

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構え Stances Kamae 黒竜忍術 Kuroi Ryu Ninjutsu "Kurokumo Bushido Academy of Ninjutsu"

Kurokumo Bushido Academy of 黒竜忍術 Kuroi ryu Ninjutsu is teaching modern as classical martial arts stances, Sensei Arie van den Akker and Shidoshi Andreas Leffler are the owners of the Kurokumo Bushido Academy in Europe Kamae (構え?) is a Japanese term used in martial arts. It translates approximately to "posture". The Kanji of this word means "base". Kamae is to be differentiated from the word tachi (立ち?), used in Japanese martial arts to mean stance. While tachi (pronounced dachi when used in a compound) refers to the position of the body from the waist down, kamae refers to the posture of the entire body, as well as encompassing one's mental posture (ie, one's attitude). These connected mental and physical aspects of readiness may be referred to individually as kokoro-gamae (心構え?) and mi-gamae (身構え?), respectively. Check the Kamaé stances of Kuroi ryu Ninjitsu [ voir sur ]

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[ voir sur ]

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pedas de la banda 4

banda subi estos videos para k apresiaran lo sdemas el estilo i kalidad kon la k nos matamos de cirrosis jejejej en fin krnales son a toda madre elejandro:pff mi krnal kbron grax por todo jejejeje k dios te lo pague kon 34 hijos pedro:kon tus putos chinos de base me kes a toda madre wei rafa: wei no mammes eres el mas sincro de todos por eso huevos palomo:zz wei la neta me kga k no nos peles wei pro ai tu sabras webos alan:wei sin palabras (encerio no se kk decir) kmara krnales [ voir sur ]

Durée : 4 min 42
En ligne le : 03/03/10 18:50

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Lospalos Liaison

The International Security Force is maintaining its presence across East Timor through its regional Patrol program These patrols keep the public informed of ISF's evolving role and allow the soldiers to monitor the improving security situation in East Timor. During a recent patrol to Lospalos, located in the eastern tip of East Timor, the soldiers of 3 Platoon, Anzac Infantry Company, made their patrol base in the ruins of a basketball arena. "ISF matters to the people because they can see we are helping the Government do its job of building a better East Timor," says 3 Platoon Commander Lieutenant Simon Swindells. "When we patrol in regional areas we demonstrate that ISF is here for the good of all, not just those living in Dili. [ voir sur ]

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En ligne le : 25/11/10 05:03

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All New Pagani Zonda Tricolore

Pagani Automobili created the Pagani Zonda Tricolore on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the "Frecce Tricolori", as a tribute to the National Aerobatic Team. In 2010 the aerobatic season of the Frecce Tricolori comes to its 50th anniversary, which will be celebrated on 11th and 12th September at Rivolto Airport. The Frecce Tricolori (Italian, literally Tricolour Arrows), officially known as the 313th Aerobatic Training Squadron is the demonstration team of the Italian Air Force, based at Rivolto Air Force Base, in the north eastern Italian region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, province of Udine. They were formed in 1961 as an Air Force team, replacing previous teams that had been sponsored by various commands by the end of the 1920s. The team flies the Aermacchi MB-339-A/PAN, a two-seat aircraft capable of 558 mph at sea level, with nine aircraft and a solo (the highest number of aircraft of any aerobatic team in the world). The Frecce Tricolori belong to the legacy of the entire Italian community. [ voir sur ]

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[ voir sur ]

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Become a Schleese Authorized Sales & Service Representative!

An exciting business opportunity awaits you, as Schleese further expands its network of certified independent Saddle Fit Representatives! We want people like you -- professional independent saddle fitters to partner with us to meet the needs of our ever expanding client base! Whether or not you currently represent a saddle brand, we invite you to consider this lucrative opportunity. [ voir sur ]

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ISF in 7 secondi

Presentazione Rapida di Informatici Senza Frontiere. Raggiunto un certo livello di benessere materiale di base, l'unica cosa che aumenta la felicità individuale è l'opportunità di aiutare altre persone. ISF è un onlus che ha l'obiettivo di mettere a disposizione competenze e professionalità informatiche a favore di comunità, popolazioni e soggetti svantaggiati, sia in Italia che nei paesi in via di sviluppo. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 25
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Iraqi Soldiers learn to call in Air Support

Army Pfc. Jessica Cooke reports on Paratroopers with the 1st Advise and Assist Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, teaching Iraqi Soldiers how to call in fire from Kiowa helicopters during a live fire exercise on Al Asad Air Base, May 31, 2010. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 41
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